About Us

Dale Richter began beekeeping at the age of five, under the watchful eyes and knowledgeable tutelage of his grandfather, E.P. Posey. He has continued to keep and study bees his entire life, studying Entomology and heading the Entomology Lab while a student at the University of Georgia. Dale has taught countless classes to school children and community organizations, as well as organizing and presenting rescue and response classes to numerous emergency response personnel and government officials.


In October 2010, Dale became the first beekeeper to encounter Africanized Honey Bees in Georgia while responding to an incident which resulted in the fatality of an elderly Dougherty County man. Since that time, Dale has worked diligently with local, state, and Federal officials to continue to monitor for AHB as well as educate the public on awareness of AHB.

Dale and his experiences in beekeeping and bee removal have been featured on The History Channel, America Now, MSNBC, NBC, FOX, CNN, Right this Minute, and multiple other local and national media outlets.


In addition to being a Georgia Master Beekeeper, Dale is a Georgia Pest Control Operator, a Georgia Wildlife Control Operator, member of the Georgia Beekeepers Association, the SOWEGA Beekeepers Association, Georgia Pest Control Association, PRIMA (Public Risk Management Association), and multiple Apartment Associations.

Our clients include residential property owners (general homeowners), commercial property owners, management and apartment communities, National Parks Services, military properties, and local, state, and Federal government agencies.

From the backyard playhouse to the Presidential Museum, we have removed honey bees from all types and manner of locations and safely relocated them to become a safe, thriving colony.