Swarm removal in Roswell Ga

Cold Raining Day in Roswell

We got a call from Roswell when the exterminator let the hone owner know he couldn’t do his regularly scheduled treatment because she had a swarm of honey bees. So they gave us a call. As soon as I walked up a bee flew out and popped me on the eye lid.

So that told me plan A wasn’t working so we went back to the truck and put on our bee suits. It took about an hour of gathering the bees with a spatula and a bowl and dumping the bowl into the hive. Then we gave the rest of them time to join the rest of the hive by going to lunch. When we got back everyone was in the hive and ready for a ride to our bee yard in Buford!

Swarm removal in Roswell Ga







As you can see my sister gets a kick out of my pain!

Here they are in a Nuc (5 frame hive)
Swarm Removal in Roswell Ga