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Welcome to our site. This site was originally formed by Durenda Wood and her sister, Shamein, since 2013 as a place for homeowners to locate help for bee removals (swarms or infestations) from their property, primarily in the Atlanta area and North Georgia. The site was successfully operated by the sisters and a team of beekeepers statewide, until it was acquired by Dale Richter and Dale Richter’s The Buzz Fuzz in September 2019. Read more about Dale in the “about us” section of this website.

This site has now been expanded to include services for property owners throughout the entire state of Georgia, and portions of Alabama and Tennessee. We get multiple contacts and requests for bee removal services from this website. If we are not immediately able to assist you, we have a community of over 100 other beekeepers who may be able to offer you help. Please note: we do not guarantee any work that is done by any beekeepers other than Dale Richter’s The Buzz Fuzz. Therefore, we recommend having a written contract between the property owner and the beekeeper on services expected to be rendered, repairs to be made (and by whom), and the verification of a business license and insurance coverage for the bee removal company offering services.

We also have contacts in several other states that may be able to solve your problem, if you are not located in our immediate coverage area. You may give us a call if you have questions or comments. Please note, in some areas of the state, we also handle other types stinging insect problems such as yellow jackets, hornets, wasps, bumblebees, or other nuisance bees. 


If you have any questions, please message us at Dale Richter’s The Buzz Fuzz on Facebook, call, or text message us (with your name included) at 229-886-7663, or e-mail is at dalerichter@bellsouth.net. 

Honey Bee Removal Georgia | Honey Bee Removal 

  • Honey bees are responsible for the pollination of the majority of the food crops that humanity has come to rely on. Most experts agree that without these essential pollinators our food supply will be seriously threatened.

Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.
– Thomas Jefferson, letter to George Washington (1787)

  • Honey bee hives have died out in increasingly alarming numbers for over a decade now. We believe that the solution to the world-wide honeybee crisis is to cut the environmental toxins affecting the bees, and to transform beekeeping methods that stress the hive.