Removing Honey Bee Swarms and from structures in Atlanta Georgia and surrounding areas!
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Atlanta Honey Bee Removal Atlanta

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Honey Bee Removal Atlanta Georgia | Honey Bee Swarm Removal Atlanta

Honey Bee Removal Georgia | Atlanta Honey Bee Removal Atlanta

We are The Bee Wranglers of Atlanta providing honey bee removal in Georgia. Hello and welcome to our Honey Bee website. My name is Durenda and my sister’s name is Shamein. As sisters we work together to remove honey bees from your property in Atlanta and surrounding areas. We have no problem traveling to your site.


We do not straight up charge to remove the honey bees, we ask for gifts in other words something you think it is worth to have the honey bees removed. However if we have another beekeeper come to remove the honey bees, the beekeeper may charge to remove the honey bees. please send us an email on the contact us page or call us @ 678.218.0400.

Please note you will be calling Computer Construction Company, I am using my business line for these projects.

  • Honey bees are responsible for the pollination of the majority of the food crops that humanity has come to rely on. Most experts agree that without these essential pollinators our food supply will be seriously threatened.

Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.
– Thomas Jefferson, letter to George Washington (1787)

  • Honey bee hives have died out in increasingly alarming numbers for over a decade now. We believe that the solution to the world-wide honeybee crisis is to cut the environmental toxins affecting the bees, and to transform beekeeping methods that stress the hive.
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