Atlanta Honey Bee Removal Process

Atlanta Honey Bee Removal Process AtlantaHoney bees will normally build a hive in an open covered area. If you believe you have a hive of honey bees in your home more than likely they are in between the floors of your home. Our process for removing the honey bees is to go into the hive from underneath keeping your repair bill down with only dry wall repair.

Even though they are entering your home at one area does not mean that is where the hive is. They can travel behind the wall all the way up to the soffit.

It helps if you can take pictures of the area they are entering your home and send them to us. We can do a lot of assessment with your pictures before we arrive. We will ask you questions when we call about the structure so we can be ready with the tools needed to do the job properly.

Honey Bees in ColumnsHoney Bees in a Column:

If you take a look at how much space is going to be between the actual post and the decorative outside wall there is plenty of room for a hive to be built. Honey bees like to build their hives in an up and down area. The longer the area the happier they are. However this can be quite expensive when it comes to repairs to the decorative covering of the post. We will do our best to keep the repair bill down.

Honey Bees in SoffitHoney Bees in Soffit Under Eves:

Bees love this spot. The void under a typical soffit is almost exactly the same dimensions as a standard beekeeping box. And bee hive boxes weren’t designed by accident. What we do is pull back the soffit, remove the nest and the bees.



Honey Bees in Mobile HomesHoney Bees in Mobile Homes:

When we get a call from a mobile home owner complaining of a bee problem its almost always bees under the mobile inside the vapor barrier. What happens is that over time the vapor barrier separates from the underside of the mobile home and droops down. Because the underside provides shade and is a bit cooler through the summer it’s irresistible to honey bee swarms looking for a new home. We will carefully pull back the vapor barrier and the insulation found above it and remove the honey bee nest entirely.

Honey Bees in Wood Framed HomeHoney Bees in Wood Framed Home:

In wood framed homes here in Georgia there very often is no, or very little, insulation in the walls. This means that the framing structure behind your siding or interior walls are hollow. This creates a very nice place for honey bees to set up shop. Unfortunately, once they do, and they’ve had time to create a colony of substantial size, the nest must be removed once we have removed the honey bees. If the nest is left in your walls honey will come into your home destroying the interior and potentially creating a very large bill for damages.

Atlanta Honey Bee Removal Process Atlanta

Honey Bees in ShedsHoney Bees in Sheds:

Bees love sheds. The style of construction of most sheds in Georgia is a raised floor with no skirting around the outside perimeter. Much like mobile homes this creates a shady place for bee swarms to build their nests. We generally remove a section of the floor to expose the nest and then extract it.

Also, much like wood framed homes, sheds don’t have insulation in their walls. Again, this creates a perfect cavity for honeybees to build a colony. When this happens we follow the same procedure as for wood framed homes.

Honey Bees in TreesHoney Bees in Trees:

Once honey bees have entered and set up a hive in a tree, you can’t save that tree. The tree has to be opened in order to remove the honey bees properly. The good news is the tree is diseased and does need to be removed for your own protection.


Atlanta Honey Bee Removal AtlantaRepairs for Honey Bee Removal:

We normally do not do repairs but we have. Normally we tell you what to expect for the repair job or even tell you how you can do it yourself. We give you suggestions on what you need to do to keep bees out of your home in the future. 

After You Have Had Honey Bees in Your Home:

Once you have had a hive in your home, you have a higher chance of getting a new colony just from the smells of honey and wax that no matter how hard you scrub and wash the smell is in the wood.

Atlanta Honey Bee Removal Process Atlanta